Thursday, October 19, 2017



oil on cradled panel

 It's been a while since I've painted a bow

but I quickly remembered how obsessed I am with the interlocking shapes and colors.

a jigsaw puzzle of interior and exterior.

A test of what colors my mind sees

 versus the colors my EYES see

PLUS the color I WANT to see :)

I painted a thin underpainting of colors before starting with thicker color

a trial and error to make "gold"

All along I had been thinking of this bow as a star, trying to make it glow and explode with color, and as timing would have it, two actual stars collided!! 
Making a cloud of gold and platinum!

gazillions of particles and colors colliding to make gold! :D

The same particles apparently that make up our world and even us!

the wonders of creation!
We are all stars :)
Go forth... shine bright! <3 p="">

click HERE for purchase info!
thank you for taking a look!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Upcoming Show!

I am super excited and honored to be included in, 
"It's the Simple Things"

If you live in the Atlanta area
drop by Chastain Art Center this coming Friday, June 24th, 6-8pm!

I will be showing my latest series of garnishes, and several other paintings, including this 30x30 study (that I am over the moon delighted was used for the show announcement!)
Hope to see you there!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Latest Series

I am a serious serial painter :)

I love the organizing/categorizing/grouping/brainstorming

SO interesting to me is the possibility of meaning when dissimilar but similar objects are brought together. 
Peace, love, and we-all-can-work-together sort of thing :)


sandwiches, appetizers, now the latest


It all began at lunch with a girlfriend.

"Extra Dirty"

 We ordered Bloody Mary's which came without ANY garnish at all!

As politely as I could, for I did not want to hurt the bartender's feelings, I asked for garnish.
(I mean who has ever heard of a bloody mary with out ANY garnish!)

So then our waiter brought ONE wedge of lime!
So then I was like ;-)

"Extra Fancy"

I want more garnish!!!

Pleading my case I proclaimed, 
I know it doesn't really change the taste of the beverage
but it makes it more FUN for heaven's sake!

It makes it SPECIAL!!
(I am prone to exaggeration)

"Extra Island"

It makes it more BEAUTIFUL!!
(frequently guilty of using excessive amounts of adjectives)

I mean, don't you out there in the internet, find that sometimes it's the little things, 
maybe things thought of as not necessary 
or extra,
 done purely for fun or beauty that make things special?

"Extra Zest"

make things special! 

Especially in my visually important, 
delightfully colorful, 
spectrally spectacular world!!

"Extra Manhattan"

Needless to say we received a plateful of garnishes! :D 
true story

All will be in an exhibit here in Atlanta at the end of the month, more info to follow.
Available for purchase now on my online site.
Click HERE 
for info
peace love and cheers!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Painting Class starting tomorrow!

Hello Atlanta!
My Beginning Oil Painting Class at Chastain Art Center starts tomorrow, 3/22.
This is a 10 week course
Tuesday evenings from 6:30-9:30.
We will work from still life to learn basic techniques used in oil painting.
since I'm a color nerd
there will be heavy focus on seeing and mixing color :)

PS: This big guy is finished and, thanks to these two strong men, safely traveled to its new home!! :D
Detail and in-progress photos will be posted soon!!

Thank you as always from the bottom of my heart for being there!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Out of Bounds


This little guy is quite the rebel!

Weighing in at only 5" x 5"
he packs a mighty punch 
a little too colorful for his own good. :)

"Out of Bounds"
is one of my favorite little guys and he found a home today.
Another one leaves the nest… 

and my heart is forever grateful!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Science of Vision :)

Okay okay I admit it, I'm a color nerd.  
I am ever so fascinated with how our brains perceive color.

Color is a lightwave, or some such other thing, 
(insert science here)
traveling to our eyes (rods and cones) and then interpreted by our brains into what we recognize as gray, silver, pink, etc. 

Color ONLY exists in our brains.
Furthermore, scientifically PINK does not exist at all!

isn't in the light spectrum,  
not a wavelength, 
and not in rainbows! 

 HERE and HERE. 
are links to the scientific explanations. 

So that means,
Vision is this curious created world in our heads!

AND for that matter
what might be traveling around out there in lightwaves that we can't see because our rods and cones aren't receptive enough?

Think about it this way-
we're told dogs can't see color.
 SO since dogs can't see color they can't see rainbows.
But that doesn't mean the rainbow isn't there. 

what can't we see?

Maybe ghosts, possibly fairies, definitely angels :D

Maybe dogs can't see color but can see awesome stuff we can't!
We see a rainbow - they see a band of angels in the sky!

Maybe it's close to Christmas and I'm full of joy and spirit(s)

I live in a hopeful world that blobs of color magically transform inside your rods and cones and you see silver beads ...

on a silver purse

In a Make-Believe world of pink that isn't there!

I'm hanging on to the original painting of "Pink" until I paint the larger version.

Archival Ink Reproductions of "Pink" are available
unframed for $40.00

Framed Reproductions for $130.00 + shipping
Click HERE for more info

  I hope your Holiday Season is starting off magical!
 Love, joy, peace, pink,
AND angels to you and yours!! :D

Monday, November 9, 2015

Leap of Faith

It took a leap of faith
and an immeasurable amount of help from family and friends...
To leave snow shovels behind
and head home to Atlanta.

I could NOT have gotten luckier to score this awesome new studio space!

It usually takes me a while to break in a new studio, 
So I began a painting from life
to help adjust to new light sources.

The plan was to do a study on paper first,
then try to tackle the large canvas.

the last brushstroke of the study had not yet dried
when I was contacted about two awesome commissions!

A GINORMOUS 72"x72" sandwich painting commission

and a killer portrait commission!!

So purse off the easel for now
and I'm happily settled in and working on the study for the sandwich! :D

In-progress shots coming soon!

It's good to be home! :)